Tuesday, September 27, 2005

Busy, Busy....who isnt?

Yeah, I'm busy. So what? I bet you're busy, too. Do you even have time to read this? No, you don't. You should be doing any myriad of things besides this.

But here you are. As I am.

I listed my money-making ventures the other night, and realized that I am desperately overworked. I really don't have time to do much of anything anymore. Sundays I'm a wreck. Mondays I work two jobs, so on Tuesday I'm a wreck. I "start" my work again on Wednesdays, taking Tuesdays "off."

That's in quotes, because on these days, I'm also working my regular, 7-3 job.

I just wonder when it's going to stop. I get tired, and then I get stupid.

Sometimes I'm so tired, I cant even fin


  1. At least you're blogging again, and that's what's important.

    So when are you going to blog about the new soap site? Promotion, girlfriend. It's what makes the world go 'round.

  2. I will blog about it when it happens. No sense in promoting something that can't yet be accessed.


    ~Amy, Queen of Comedic Timing

  3. Anonymous3:20 PM

    question...do you do soap giftbaskets? If so, how would one get around to ordering one (or two) for the holidays?

    Let me know...post it on your blog or something and I'll check.


  4. I don't do gift baskets per se, but my soaps and lotions make lovely gifts. My website is almost ready: