Thursday, August 11, 2005

Where's That Other Shoe?

I was dreading going to work today. 'Twas the first day back for us teachers. I was dreading the meeting I was supposed to have. I was dreading looking people in the eye, people whom I have no respect for whatsoever.

Turns out, I needn't have dreaded it. Actually, I'm in awe. Our administrators actually respected our time today, by scheduling only a couple of meetings. Tomorrow, they are respecting it even more, by meeting with all teachers in groups, in 1-hour increments. If we aren't a part of the group, then we needn't meet. We will have the rest of the day to plan. What a concept!

Furthermore, they didn't try to sideswipe us with something on the first day back. The past three years, I've been ambushed by some thing or another, which always turned out to be some way to crap on me. Not this time.

Oh, and I talked to the principal about a touchy subject, and he didn't freak out, either.

Where's that other shoe?

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